Cumulative GPA Calculator

Cumulative GPA Calculator

With our cumulative GPA calculator, you can calculate your current GPA (grade point average) and see how future grades will impact your GPA. You can use the GPA calculator to plan your target grades for the future to achieve your desired GPA.

Cumulative GPA Calculator

Cumulative GPA

How to use the cumulative GPA calculator


The cumulative GPA is an average of averages. It combines all the grade point average (GPA) for all semesters into a single GPA figure. This cumulative GPA is very important, as it’s the GPA used to apply for colleges.

Step-by-Step Tutorial


Follow these steps to calculate your cumulative GPA

First Step : Add your course name

It’ll look nicer and it’ll help you make sure you have added all your courses and grades.

Second Step : Add your course grade

Enter your current grades for each course by selecting a letter grade from the dropdown. This includes test grades as well as assignments and labs.

Third Step : Add your course credits

We need also the credit hours for each course to calculate your current GPA, as the class credits determine the impact of each course on the GPA.

Fourth Step : Add your course weight

Including your course weight is optional. As a default, all courses have a normal weight. Add the weight to help you calculate your cumulative GPA more precisely.

Fifth Step : Add more courses

You can add more courses to each semester if you need to. Repeat steps 1-3 for each of the additional courses.

Sixth Step : Add more semesters

You can add another semester if you need to. You will see each semester’s GPA as well as the cumulative GPA at the end of the process.

That’s it. There is no calculate button. The GPA for the current semester, past semesters, and the cumulative GPA will be automatically calculated.

The cumulative GPA is a key academic metric that you’d need to monitor across high school and college. It’s important to keep your cumulative GPA updated so you can see how, when you enter your current grades, the impact they have on your GPA.

How can you increase your cumulative GPA?

If your cumulative GPA is not as high as you’d like it to be, you can check your ultimate guide on how to raise your GPA.

How is the cumulative GPA calculated?

You can calculate your cumulative grade point average (GPA), also called overall GPA, by dividing your total grade points or letter grades from all semesters, including your current semester, by the number of total credits. This average will give you a more accurate picture of your high school or college academic career than a semester or yearly GPA.

Why is the cumulative GPA important?

The cumulative GPA is a key score for your college and employment applications. Its importance is based on the ability to show consistency and effort in the long term. Looking at the point and letter grades for each course and each semester is a better and more accurate picture of your academic success.

How do you calculate cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale?

The cumulative GPA is a unique figure that combines all the grade points earned through all semesters, including your current semester. But you can’t simply add your semester GPAs together and divide by the number of semesters. In order to calculate an accurate cumulative GPA, you need to include the credit hours per course. By adding all the total points and dividing by the number of credits you can get your cumulative GPA.

Calculating your cumulative high school GPA is similar. You can just add all the grade points and then divide by the number of classes.

Is cumulative GPA higher than GPA?


The concept of cumulative grade point average or cum laude grades has become very common in colleges and universities across the country. This means that students who receive high grades throughout their academic careers are awarded a degree with a higher CGPA.

GPA means the average of grade points in a single semester. But cumulative GPA(CGPA)  is the average grade point of all the semesters.

CGPA can be higher than the GPA if you performed better in all of the previous semesters than in the current semester. 

On the other hand, CGPA is lower than GPA if you perform better in the current semester than the previous semester. 

How do you find your cumulative GPA?


Finding out how well you did your whole college education isn’t exactly easy. One method is to search for the cumulative grade point average.

Your cumulative grade point average is calculated by adding all your grades together and dividing by the number of credits taken. Credit hours, and weighted cumulative GPA play a vital role while calculating it.

What is the difference between GPA and cumulative GPA?


GPA may vary depending upon the subject being studied and also the length of study. A student’s GPA can typically cover a shorter span such as one semester or a term whereas CGPA must include the full duration of studies. Although both grades are important, they measure different aspects of an individual’s success.

You should achieve good ratings in each semester to maximize your overall CGPA. Your university may evaluate your performance based on your cumulative scores in multiple courses during your degree program. Some institutions in India use a four-point grade scale. Others use a ten-point grade scale.

By GPA you measure your academic success in a single semester. Cumulative GPA measures all grades, regardless if they came before or after the semester.

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