Final Grade Calculator

Final Grade Calculator

You can use our final grade calculator to discover the grade you will need on your final exam to achieve your target class grade.


Grade Needed

How to Use the Grade Calculator


It’s important to monitor your academic performance using a calculator to know exactly which exam grade you need on your final test to reach your desired grade. Keep track of the exam grade you need to achieve to get an A in your course grade.

Step-by-Step Tutorial


In order to use the final grade calculator follow these steps

First Step : Enter your current grade

The first step is to provide the current grade of your class so far. You can select your current grade from the dropdown selector. You can enter your current grade as a percentage or a grade letter, and they will adjust automatically.

Second Step : Add your desired grade for the final grade

The next step is to provide the desired grade you want to achieve for the class. As before, select a percentage or a letter on the grade calculator.

Third Step : 3. Add the final exam weight

As the final step, you will add the final exam weight, to evaluate the impact the final exam has on the final grade.

Press calculate on your calculator, and that’s it!

The result would be the final exam grade you need to get in order to achieve your desired final course grade.

Your final exam grade has usually a significant impact on your course grade, because of the final exam weight. And although a great final exam grade will help you get a better course grade, the best way to hit the desired grade needed for your GPA is to focus on consistently work on your assignments and tests to improve your current grade. That way your grade won’t depend as much on your final exam grade. Also, working consistently throughout your course will help you be better prepared to ace your final exam and get an even better final exam grade.

How do you calculate your final grade after exam?


To calculate your final exam grade you’d need to put together all your projects, tests, assignments and your exam grades, as well as the weight each one has on the final grade. Usually, the final exam weight is greater than the weight of the other items. Then you can use our grade calculator to determine what’s your final grade after your exam. You can check all of our grade calculators to help you evaluate your grade.

How do you calculate your final grade to pass?


With our final exam grade calculator, you can easily perform a grade calculation to see what would be the final exam grade you need with your current grade.

How do I calculate my grade average?


If you want to know your current class grade you can use our weighted grade calculator, utilizing your current grade.

How will my final affect my grade?


The effect of the final exam grade on the overall grade for a school class or college course depends both on the score you obtain and on its weight towards the overall grade. If you get a high grade, but the final has a weight of just 20% towards the overall score, then it will have an impact two times smaller than if it was weighted at 40% overall. Similarly, if it is highly weighted, say at 50%, and you get a lower score on it than on your exams throughout the semester, it will drag down your overall grade much more than if it was weighted at say 20% or 30%.

How much do I need to get on my final exam?


The minimum final grade can be calculated using this equation:

Final exam grade = (Target Grade – Current Grade x (100% – Weight of Final(%))) / Weight of Final(%)

You should know your current weighted average of grades (the one we calculate) before attempting any tests. Our grade calculator will show you how much each test contributes to your GPA.

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