Grade Calculator

Grade Calculator

If you want to find out your class grade you can use this easy-to-use calculator. Just enter all your assignments’ grades and weights and get your total score.


How to use the grade calculator


By using our grade calculator you will be able to keep track of your class grade. You only have to enter your assignments, the grade, and the weight of each assignment and it’ll show you your current grade. If you want to know what grade you need on your final exam you can use our final grade calculator. The final grade calculator is really helpful and simple.

Step-by-Step Tutorial


Follow these steps to use the grade calculator

First Step : Add your assessment name

Entering the assessment name will help you keep track of everything in a complex course. An assessment may be homework, an essay, or a quiz.

Second Step : Add your assessment grade

Entering the assessment name will help you keep track of everything in a complex course. An assessment may be homework, an essay, or a quiz.

Third Step : Add your assessment weight

Each assessment has a different weight, which is the percentage of the final grade represented by each assessment.

Fourth Step : Add another assessment

As you progress in your class you can add more assessments to improve your grade calculation. Then repeat the first 3 steps.

Fifth Step : Add another class

Once you’re finished with the current class, you can add another, so you, as a student, can keep track of your performance across all your classes and courses.

How are Grades Calculated?

Calculating your grade is not as simple as adding all the points of your assignments. As most classes use a weighted grading system, you need to take into account the different weights of each element in order to calculate the final grade.

For example, it may be that your homework has a weight on your grade of 15% and an essay has a weight of 25% on your grade. A good grade on the essay will be more important to the course grade than on the homework.

Read our guide on how to calculate grades to find out more about grade calculation and how to convert a letter grade to a point system and back.

Why is it important to calculate your grades

Using calculators to keep track of your grade will allow you to monitor your current grade and know where you need to work before the final exam. It’s important to keep track of your grade to keep or maintain your GPA score. If you want to know which grade you’d need on your final test to achieve a target grade, you can use our final grade calculator.

Good grades are one of the key elements to improve your chances of entering the college of your choice. If you are in college and plan to enter graduate or professional school, then your college grades are probably the most important factor that decides your admittance in programs with high demand and lots of competition.

The reason is that grades are a better predictor of academic performance than an admission test score, and the high demand of some schools result in only students with a minimum certain grade are admitted.

Grades are also important in order to obtain scholarships and financial aid, as they usually have a minimum grade requirement to be able to obtain or renew them. Getting a scholarship may be critical for students to avoid having to take on much student debt.

How do grades affect your GPA?

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the weighted average grade of all grades earned in a given semester/year. A CGPA of 3 means that the student received three out of four possible grades in a class. In order to get a perfect 4.0, one must earn all A’s. However, if one receives only F’s, they’ll receive a 0.00 CGPA due to the negative impact of those grades on the final calculation.

Do you need help to improve your grade?

As the final exam grade is the element with more weight on the grading scale, doing good in the exam will have a great impact on your course grade. But if your grade is not good now, then it’s unlikely that you will be able to improve your grade with a stellar performance then. If you are not happy with your current grade, then there are lots of things you can do to improve your grade before then. One key thing is to use consistently a grade calculator to monitor your grade and a final grade calculator to know in advance the grade you need to achieve in the last exam.

It’s important to get as many points as possible on homework assignments, quizzes, and tests as possible, so you don’t depend as much on the final exam grade for a good course grade.

If you want to know more about how can you improve your grade you can check out our guide on how to raise your GPA.

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